Replacement Furna Concentrate Oven

Replacement Furna Concentrate Oven

  • $35.99
  • Save $10

Introducing the Furna concentrate oven. It works with all your favorite concentrates and comes with a replaceable high-quality ceramic heating element and a glass bowl. It produces high-quality flavorful vapor without any of the metal taste from the exposed coil versions. 

The heater has a fill line to prevent overflowing, and if you need to replace the heater at any time, it’s held in by magnets making it simple to replace. Just hook the edge with the multi-tool that comes with the Furna Vaporizer and pop it out. Slide your new heater in and you’re good to go. 

Use any of the replaceable colored nibs to identify the type of concentrate or to keep track of which ones are freshly packed or already spent. They are pre-packable and perfectly portable.

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