Aspire Nautilus BVC Replacement Coil Heads (5 pack) Replacement Coils Replacement Coils Voodoo Vapes

Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils

  • $17.99

These replacement heads are designed to fit the Aspire BVC line of products including the Aspire Nautilus and Aspire Nautilus Mini

Features dual heating coils and the updated 2 hole design.

Changing Instructions:

  1. Unscrew the metal bottom cap from the tank
  2. Pour out any remaining E-Liquid (can be saved to refill)
  3. Unscrew the head from the bottom cap
  4. Screw the new head onto the bottom cap
  5. Fill tank with e-liquid and reassemble
  6. For best results wait a couple of minutes for the E-Liquid to feed to the coil before vaping

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