Health Canada Proposed Flavour Ban

Friends, Health Canada is trying to restrict rights to vapers with an industry ending flavour ban.
This is no joke. If you are a vaper who has used vaping to stop smoking, or if you know a vaper who has used vaping to stop smoking, or if you just agree that vaping is a better alternative to smoking then we need your help.

The vaping industry itself is gathering to fight these unfair restrictive regulations, however this fight cannot be won without you the consumer.

Health Canada plans to ban flavours as they think that will be the solution to stop youths from vaping. Heavily discounting adult lives that will be impacted. This will send hundreds if not millions of adult vapers back to smoking cigarettes. The No. 1 killer in this country. Far more than COVID-19. Each year 40,000 plus Canadians die from smoking related diseases. that is 1 in 5 deaths in this country. If any of you were former adult smokers that now vape or have family or friends that do or will be impacted, please pass them this link so they can have their voice heard.

This is not one of those things that will blow over. If these regulations pass, Vaping as you know it could potentially end and you as the consumer will not have the option of choice and it will lead people back to SMOKING which KILLS.

Please click the link below, it takes only a few seconds to fill out. Share it too!!