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With your financial help the CVA can continue to lobby against the ban of Vaping in Canada. Please consider donating today!


Canadian health officials have valid concerns for public safety with the current unregulated environment of the electronic cigarette industry.

  • Appropriate regulation is necessary.
  • E-liquid is not tobacco. It should be regulated and defined as new consumable product category.
  • E-cigarettes should be classified as a tobacco harm reduction product not a smoking cessation device.
  • E-cigarettes are not proven to be 100% safe, but are safer than combustible cigarettes.

E-cigarette sales and the number of vapers are growing exponentially in Canada and are positively changing lives every day. As such, it has become a necessity that the consumables are produced within reasonable standards and regulations that ensure the safety of the consumer.

The current focus of the CVA is to respond to Bill 45 “Making Healthier Choices Act, 2014”, currently in its second reading in the Ontario Legislature, tabled by the Ontario Liberal Government. Should Bill 45 remain unchallenged, unchanged, and become law, it will destroy the local industry and set a blueprint for the rest of Canada’s Provincial governments.  For more on Ontario’s Bill 45 see Ontario


We need all Canadian Vendors to be part of the CVA team! By pooling our collective resources, the CANADIAN VAPING INDUSTRY will have a single unified voice that will be heard by all levels of government across Canada. We cannot do this alone. We look forward to having each of you join CVA and making Canada a leader in viable and effective regulations for the Electronic Cigarette Industry.

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