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Its been a long arduous road to get where we are today, filled with many obstacles and challenges but we have overcome all the obstacles and we have finally opened our doors to the public. Come in and check us out. We have everything you need to get started with vaping or to supplement your ever growing collection. We are starting out with five lines of delicious e-liquid, with the intent of carrying more lines in the near future. We're sure you will find something you will like and if you don't or have a suggestion of something you would like we will do our best to find something you do. We have hardware for all levels of experience. Get introduced with a starter kit or upgrade your current set up.



I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank a few key players in getting this business up and running.

First off my family, Jessica and Nate. Thank you both for putting up with me and supporting me all the way through this adventure. I will love you both forever.

My mom, Helen. This would never have happened without you. Many thanks and lots of love.

Helmut and Uncle Mike. My ever lasting gratitude. Without your hard work I would be without many of the things my vision for the store entailed. You guys rock and I will never forget the generosity you extended towards me.

Beju from Moshi. Your guidance and direction came without hesitation. You helped me out so much bro. Thanks.

The competition. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck guys. 

Most of all I would like to extend a warm thank you to all the customers who have and will support me through this endeavor. I promise to deliver quality products and good prices. 


Stop Smoking, Start Vaping.


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